Here are a couple of tomato plants having some afternoon tea.

10' x 10' Cozy Captain's room.​

My family calls me a "Yardist." 

Here's "Mass Transit 105" that my husband built in downtown Manhattan (right under the WTC ) before we moved up to the Vineyard (1993). She's the real deal, 105 ft long with a 134 foot stick and a whole bunch of fun to sail over to the Elizabeth Islands.  All guests at Annabelle's get a 20% discount aboard this puppy.  A clear highlight for any Vineyard vacation. Click here for more info.

My husband and I try to do some weeding every day. ​ 

This picture was taken just 100 ft down the road from us. These beautiful creatures  make great next-door neighbors. It's a good life.

​Here's some more of our garden "delights," with bird house city in the foreground. Ospreys, swans and ducks love to hang out at the pond.

​Here's another ten point Vineyard sunset taken from the outdoor shower stall. Plenty of pressure and hot water. Very cleansing for the soul.

Here's our outdoor fireplace (chimenea): a nice spot to warm up to on cooler evenings.

Here's one of several seating areas right outside our house. In the summer we  call this our "living room."

We live right next to a farmer's field on one side  and a horse pasture on the other with a long cove ("Town Cove" of Great Tisbury Pond) running right down the front.  It's awesome.